Progressive rock insiders have tipped Albert Rigoni as one of the most exciting up-and-coming players on the scene today. The Italian bassist spends most of his time in TwinSpirits, a thrilling tech-metal outfit. On May 24th, Rigoni will be unleashing 'Rebirth,' his second solo album. Fans of bands like Dream Theater, Yes, and Opeth definitely need to check out the record's winning blend of virtuosic musicianship and concise songwriting.

Besides Rigoni's fluid bass work, 'Rebirth' also includes guest appearances from John Macaluso (TNT, Yngwie Malmsteen), Michael Manring, and others. Today, Noisecreep has the world premiere of 'Free,' which features Porcupine Tree and King Crimson drummer Gavin Harrison.

Listen to 'Free'

Rigoni recently told Noisecreep about hooking up with Harrison for 'Free':

"Back in January 2009, I started composing a new solo album. The goal was to invite some of my favorite musicians to join me on some of the songs. One of them was Gavin Harrison who most people know from Porcupine Tree and King Crimson. I was not sure he was interested, but I contacted him anyway. He told me that if he liked the feel of the song, he would do it.

"At that point I thought I might have a chance [laughter]. A couple of hours after reading his email, I took the bass in my hand and started composing the tune called 'Free.' The day after, I met guitarist Tommy Ermolli (TwinSpirits), recorded some tracks, and then I sent the tune to Gavin. I didn't track any drum loops and I left all the parts up to him. Some days later he sent me back the tracks and they were amazing! I couldn't have asked for anything better -- I was thrilled."

'Rebirth' is out May 24th via Nightmare Records.

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