Jeni Cook has been married to former Sex Pistols drummer (and current Man Raze member) Paul Cook for 18 years. The couple has been been together for a total of 27 years. During that time Jeni has helped Paul, and other rockers, stay fit and eat healthy.

Jeni Cook's life-long passion for nutrition and fitness inspired the raw food guru to run classes and provide expert advice for those looking to find a better way to eat healthy -- especially musicians.

"I lost so many people on the other side of health and nutrition," Cook recently told Noisecreep. "Rock and roll has claimed way too many people due to bad habits and temptations. Because of my proximity to the business today through Paul, it's easy for me to impart my thoughts and ideas regarding eating better and approaching healthy eating with a better attitude."

She and Paul Cook have been through a lot together. "I was a big Sex Pistols fan but I was just 14 when they first came around, so I didn't get to see the original lineup. Then I met Paul in about 1980. I was a big fan, a rebellious kid, and so Paul and I got along great."

Today, she plays a big part in how Cook stays healthy and fit.

"Paul has always sort of kept fit, but when he started going out with me, he adopted a lot of my ways, especially with being a vegetarian. Today, the bulk of our diet is raw, we drink lots of green smoothies and things like that, and really support each other."

Does she get to work on the backstage riders that determine what band members will get to eat and drink while on tour?

"Not really, but because of Paul's lifestyle, he's really conscious of staying fit on the road. And it goes for other bands, too. Today, you tend to see more juicers backstage now. Baskets of fruits and vegetables -- it's all very different today than it used to be."

One of Jeni's biggest nutritional success stories was Boy George.

"If you're given a choice between something healthy and not, many people will choose healthy. George was like that. We've been friends for such a long time, so when he came to me and said he wanted to live better, that he'd lost his way a bit, I had him come to some of my raw food classes. I re-arranged his diet, actually made his food for him, and it got him on the proper path -- kick started his way back to a healthier way."

She tells lots of musicians to be especially wary of downtime while on the road.

"Being on the road, you're not always in control of what you're going to eat. The challenges are many. But if you have the right attitude, you can get over the bad habits. There's so much boredom on the road, and so much food always at hand. I'm not the food police, it's not a religion, we all fall prey to the less healthy choices sometimes. But for any musician, for anyone at all that is interested in adopting better eating habits, I am here and ready to help."

Cook also offered some specific tips for rockers on the road and what they an do to eat healthy. "Apart from starting your day with a healthy breakfast of a green smoothie or fruit, I would also say begin every meal, even if it's junk food, with a green salad, which includes raw veggies which are nutrient rich and loaded with enzymes which aid digestion. Add in something good and eventually the bad stuff will get elbowed out!"

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