Atlanta-based sludge merchants Withered will release their new album, 'Dualitas' on Oct. 26. The disc will land just in time for the band's stint on Danzig's exhumed Blackest of the Black Tour, where they will be joined by Possessed, Marduk and Toxic Holocaust.

About the forthcoming tour, guitarist/vocalist Mike Thompson said in a statement: "Withered is bringing our brand of extreme music and expression to a new audience this fall. The Blackest of the Black tour is an opportunity that we just couldn't pass up."

Thompson continued, "It is also a blessing for us after learning the unfortunate news about Behemoth and Nergal. This turn of events will allow us to offer a glimpse of unique perspective to a fresh crowd as we kick off our third album release. Whether these fans are ready for us or not, we are definitely ready for them and expect to expand their horizons as well as our own on this new path."

's Phillip Cope also factored into 'Dualitas,' as he recorded the album at the Jam Room in Columbia, S.C.

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