It had been eight months since black metallers Withered played a show when they were welcomed to Austin's South by Southwest festival with two shows in one day. The long break was much needed after the band played on tours with Watain, Mayhem and Marduk. On March 17, they played the Mohawk and Emo's with Landmine Marathon, Dark Castle, Javelina and others.

"Sadly, I didn't get to watch many bands outside of the few that played right before and after us. We had two shows in one day, and it took forever to get to and fro. Out of the five to six bands I actually got to see, my favorite was Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire," founding member Mike Thompson told Noisecreep.

Most people who attended the festival -- including MetalSucks' Vince Neilstein -- are still recovering from hangovers and BBQ withdrawals. Thompson concurs, saying, "We had a blast. We probably partied too much when we should have been watching bands. Oh well."

Aside from the Prosthetic Records showcase, Thompson told Noisecreep what else he has been listening to, admitting, "I'm still stoked on Secrets of the Moon. I've also been nerding out on Portal, Dead Congregation (still), Daxx Riggs, the new Ritual Killer album and the new Marduk. There's some amazing music out now, and it looks like there's a ton more to come. Should be a promising year."

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