Man, the weekend couldn't get here soon enough. Is it just us, or has this week felt unusually long? Tonight, we're heading out to Long Island to see Iwrestledabearonce, who stopped by the offices for an impromptu "Street Fighter" tourney; we're expecting big things from their live set, which we hear is a scorcher.

Anyways, it's Thursday, which means everyone's probably recovering from a "Lost" hangover. But we're here, bright and early, to bring you the lowdown on what's been happening in metal since last you visited. We've got some beef brewing between two dudes who were huge during the '90s and a bunch of Romanian black folk metallers, if you can believe that. Plus, Maynard wants to wine and dine you, and there's a not-so-new signing for Metal Blade. It's White Noise and it starts now.

+ By now, you've heard Tool's Maynard James Keenan sells his own wine, and by now, you've heard the man's been hosting signings at organic markets, mostly on the West Coast. Well, now he's announced three signings for the Northeast: two at the Whole Foods Market in Cambridge on June 16 and 17, and another at the Wine Library in Springfield, New Jersey, on June 18.

+ This August, the mighty Gwar returns with a new album, "Lust in Space," which will be released on Metal Blade Records, the label the band issued eight albums with, the last being 2001's 'Violence Has Arrived.' According to a press release, the record will feature 11 tracks, including "Damnation Under God," "The Price of Peace," and "Make a Child Cry."

+ Two ex-members of Negura Bunget have issued a statement, blasting the band's drummer, Negru, for carrying on with new players, but the same band name. Hupogrammos and Sol Faur said in a statement that they left the Romanian blackened folk metal outfit because of Negru's "selfish behavior" and that he's violating an agreement between the three of them, that "none of the members would use the name Negura Bunget ever again in the future since the band as an entity was comprised by all three of its members." They also called Negru's version of the group a "sham," adding that they "consider it to be very inappropriate for them to continue performing songs that were composed by those members leaving the band."

+ Queen have parted ways with Paul Rodgers, according to Rodgers said the Queen + Paul Rodgers collaboration is, for all intents and purposes, over, but that the split was mutual. "At this point, we're gonna sit back from this," he says. "My arrangement with (Queen's Brian May and Roger Taylor) was similar to my arrangement with Jimmy (Page) in The Firm, in that it was never meant to be a permanent arrangement."

+ Five Finger Death Punch have named their forthcoming album 'War Is the Answer,' claims Metal Hammer. Rad.

+ Doomriders have wrapped work on their next album, 'Darkness Come Alive.' Look for the disc to hit stores this summer, and you can catch the band on the road next month in Brooklyn, New York, on June 14; Dover, New Hampshire, on June 19; and on June 20, in Burlington, Vermont.

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