Amid the media swirl surrounding possible gun control measures after the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre just last month, many pro-gun advocates are speaking out. Musicians are no different. Zoltan Bathory, guitarist of Five Finger Death Punch, used his Facebook page to discuss his annoyance at the media and the concern that his guns will be confiscated by the government, despite the fact there is no evidence to back up that fear. Bathory writes:

"Let's talk about 'assault' rifles for a second. Anti-gun advocates in the media placing all the emphasis on the word 'ASSAULT' for a reason. It sounds menacing to those who don't know much about weapons, and this particular word also embodies the concepts of 'first strike' and 'aggression'... and the media just loooves that. The fact IS, however - a rifle is an inanimate object with no free will or intent on its own. It doesn't plan to assault anyone... So really, this is all just playing with words.... If I called my rifle a 'defensive rifle' - it wouldn't throw up the red flag - and in reality THAT'S WHAT IT IS. I have it for defensive measures so that's what it should be called. A 'defensive rifle.'"

Bathory goes on to defend the NRA (National Rifle Association) and says that everyone who supports their "constitutional rights" should educate the masses about guns to defend against the unfair "anti-gun" media. He then goes on to say a semi-automatic weapon is basically just like a musket.

"It's one bullet per one pressing on the trigger. Just like a musket... without you having to pour gunpowder in the barrel and drop a led ball in there - the semi auto gun does it all for you - but ONE at the time..."

He ends his Facebook rant asking his fans to help him defend the second amendment right to own guns.

It should be made clear that there is no active legislation pending in Congress that would result in the confiscation of guns in America. With the current, hostile political climate in Washington, D.C. is highly unlikely Congress will pass an assault weapons ban. It is possible that President Obama will use executive authority to strengthen the background check database used by the F.B.I. when someone purchases a gun. A presidential order can also mean agencies like the Social Security Administration can share information with the F.B.I. This can help in the area of mental competence of gun buyers.

Vice President Joe Biden is leading a White House task force on gun violence. This week he met with health professionals, mayors, children's advocacy groups and even the NRA to try and find common ground when it comes to guns in America. While Mr. Biden was holding a press conference on the progress of his task force, he was interrupted -- by news of another school shooting.

Biden may present gun control suggestions to President Obama as early as Tuesday. Experts say it is likely the vice-president will make universal background checks for all gun purchases a top priority of his suggestions.

On December 14, Adam Lanza shot 20 students and six teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary. He wounded two others, killed his mother and shot himself. Yesterday, doctors concluded there was nothing "visibly unusual" about Lanza's brain. Those same doctors doubt toxicology texts and genetic analysis will explain Lanza's actions.

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