Skeletonwitch Guitarist Enjoys Role of Connecting Band to Fans
At a Skeletonwitch show -- it now being the band's seventh year bringing their blackened thrash attack across America and beyond -- don't be surprised to see guitarist Scott Hedrick hanging out in front of the club with fans and friends alike before thrashing whatever audience that is in whatever city it is on whatever night tonight shortly thereafter...
Doomriders Can Make Pirate Sounds
"New York Citaaaaaaaaaaaay! How's your vibe?" Doomriders frontman Nate Newton asked the crowd at New York's Mercury Lounge on April 14. The guitarist also has a big role in the prominent, Boston-bred hardcore band Converge. "Well, give it up because your vibe is much better than last night's vibe...
Doom Metallers Moth Eater Rear Their Partying Heads
Ex-members of Scar Culture -- remember them, as they were briefly signed to Century Media in the early '00s? -- and Dirty Rig have formed Moth Eater, a New York-based, sludge-caked doom band. "We think our music is like Motörhead driving to a Black Sabbath concert with Scissorfight sitting in the back seat, High on Fire riding shotgun and the Doomriders driving the car behind us with a full
Doomriders Bring ‘Darkness’ to Fans When Possible
"We almost didn't make our flight. I'm sick. You're sick. Now we're caught up," Doomriders frontman and guitarist Nate Newton said, getting the band reacquainted with Atlanta, a place the band hadn't played in almost four years. The Feb. 10 show at The Masquerade marked only a handful of shows the Boston band has been able to play since the release of their sophomore long player, 'Darkn
Skeletonwitch Bring a Brutal Lineup on the Road
Back on the road in February and Skeletonwitch's 12 upcoming tour dates were just reported, taking place around the eastern half of the U.S. Shortly after releasing their third studio album, 'Breathing the Fire,' in September, the band shot a bad-ass video for 'Repulsive Salvation,' which left its fans salivating for more...
Howl In Studio Recording Debut Full-Length
Providence, R.I. metallers Howl recently finished work on their full-length debut for Relapse Records, and the follow-up to their self-titled EP. "The new album is, if anything, more extreme than the EP, moving from aggression to slow doom, through both black metal atmospheres and blues-based harmonies," guitarist Vincent Hausman told Noisecreep...

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