Want to hear "Ready to Go," the new collaboration between nu-metallers Limp Bizkit and rap icon Lil Wayne? Well you can listen to it all its revelry and glory below. Everything Weezy touches turns to gold, and he even says that in his bars, and now that the Bizkit is on Cash Money, the rapper's label, he's getting in on the fun.

It sounds like vintage Limp Bizkit, with lots of swagger, bravado, nasty, gnarly riffs and Fred Durst's boastful raps. He declares, "They say that rock shit / Doesn't rock anymore," but it's as though his mission with this song is to disprove such a notion.

There are a lot of "f" bombs from Freddy D, the self-styled public enemy. He drops references to Britney Spears and their alleged dalliance and to Jessica Biel, too. He also sings about drinking gin until they pass out on the floor.

It's a six-minute, somewhat epic jam, with a lot of moving parts, and Weezy dropping his verses around two-and-a-half minutes in. The fade out is long and artsy, and totally unexpected.

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