War of Ages

At first glance, the video for 'Collapse' from War of Ages might seem incredibly no-frills, as it shows the band in performance mode, rocking out with a god-fearing vengeance to the first song on their new album, 'Eternal,' which is out now via Facedown Records.

But upon closer inspection, the vid, directed by Drew Russ, boasts a ghostly atmosphere! "Have you ever seen a metal band rocking out while covered in 20 pounds of flour? Well now you have," vocalist Leroy Hamp told Noisecreep. That's right. The band was dusted in white flour, and while they perform, plumes of the substance form around their bodies in what looks like an optical illusion; it's as though there are apparitions in the video.

It's a stark image, but a powerful one nonetheless. Who needs to spend tens of thousands on CGI effects when you can create eye-capturing images with simple old flour? Flour: It's not just for baking cakes anymore! We are left to wonder who got saddled with the unpleasant task of cleaning the post-shoot mess up. There had to be flour on the gear, stuck to their eyelashes and in all the pores of the floor.

War of Ages are currently on tour with As I Lay Dying, Demon Hunter and Blessthefall and will also be featured on this summer's Cool Tour, with AILD and BTF again.

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