"Some people think we're rich and that is so not true!" Vains of Jenna drummer Jacki Stone admits to Noisecreep. "We're surviving, that's what we do. That's pretty much it. As long as we're able to have food for the day, a space to rehearse and being on tour, we're happy. We don't need anything else."

Sweden-born Vains of Jenna formed in 2005. The band wrote and produced their debut 'Lit Up/Let Down' in about a week. Even with those humble beginnings, the Swedes were able to garner the attention of Bam Margera, who eventually signed them to his Filthy Note label. The band also toured with Poison and Ratt in the summer of 2007.

After an eighth month return to Europe, Vains of Jenna are back in America, ready to promote their still untitled sophomore release. "This time around we're more with the songs and we've got a good producer [Brent Woods]. It's still the Vains of Jenna sound: real rock n' roll, a little trashy, but some of the songs are bigger and more poppy, funky. It's a mix of rock, pop and funk and whatever you can expect."

Jacki explains that the band has the option to shop around for a new label – or to stay on Filthy Note. Really, it just comes down to making the right decision for the band to enjoy as much success as possible. "[Bam is] a big supporter of the band, he loves the band and he's going to be involved."

Vains of Jenna also have another celebrity connection: Stevie Rachelle. The Tuff singer and Metal Sludge owner manages Vains of Jenna. Rachelle knows a thing or two about a shift in the music scene. Jacki thinks that shift is happening in Sweden right now. "There's more a heavy metal scene right now in Sweden. Many of the bands that came out as glam or sleaze are going more for... the metal scene kind of music. We're not aiming for that. We go more toward bigger rock n' roll songs. We listen to all sort of music, everything from Elton John to Slayer. You can hear that – we're inspired by a lot of different stuff. We're all working really hard and trying to make the best of it every day."

Vains of Jenna will release the single "Get It On" on iTunes in July.