Vains of Jenna

"The last five years with this band [have] been the best years of my life. It's with a tear in my eye, but a whole lot of love and respect for the band, manager, endorsers and fans all over the world, I announce that I'm no longer the lead singer ... of Vains of Jenna," Lizzy DeVine wrote in a press statement.

Swedish rockers Vains of Jenna were seemingly on a roll. The band recently just released 'The Art of Telling Lies' and have a ton of shows booked including a slot at the Stockholm Rockout Festival. Right now, it's not clear why DeVine decided to pack it in, but the rest of the band has made it clear they plan to soldier on. In fact, the remaining three members are already using the Internet to search for a new singer. In the same statement that DeVine announced his plans to call it quits, the remaining members put out a call to action to every aspiring musician on Myspace.

"We are seeking a young, hungry, aggressive, dedicated, fresh face and voice to front our band. Someone who is one of us. If you think you're the guy for the job -- then step to the plate now."

Lead guitarist Nicki Kin, bassist J.P. White and drummer Jacki Stone singed the press statement in tandem. The remaining American tour dates have all been canceled. Vains of Jenna head to Norway April 16. The Stockholm Rockout Festival is planned for April 30 and May 1.