The music industry is an ever-changing beast. While even legacy acts look for new ways to slay the beast, newer bands are getting creative with marketing in hopes of having their product heard. California glamsters Dirty Penny are one of those new bands looking to make it big as rock stars.

"It's not the same game [as] when five labels ran the music industry," explains Dirty Penny drummer Spanky Savage about the current state of self-marketing. "You can create your community of fans all on your own if you go out and play shows and work hard you see some of the benefits of it ... It gives bands the chance to be creative in how we get our music out there."

Dirty Penny just released their sophomore effort 'Young & Reckless.' Thirteen tracks in all, the songs are still a throwback to '80s metal, but with a harder, more modern edge. With two years of touring already behind them, the guys in Dirty Penny are back out on the road -- this time with their friends Vains of Jenna. Beyond this current tour, Dirty Penny lead singer Binge Daniels is thinking global.

"It's been our goal now since forming as a band to go overseas to countries like Belgium, Sweden, UK, Italy, Finland, Australia, Japan, Chile, Argentina and play in front of fans who have continued to support us outside of the U.S."

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