If you're an avid viewer of The Walking Dead, whether you knew it or not, you saw Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian nearly take a bite out of Rick Grimes. In this interview, Scott Ian and Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante go full-on fanboy on The Walking Dead and discuss an interesting online conspiracy.

Scott Ian's "walker" may have come close to killing Rick, but he was actually petitioning Walking Dead director Greg Nicotero about biting Rick's son, Carl. Ian speaks about lobbying for weeks to be the one to kill Carl, even though it would have absolutely led to a massive overhaul of the show's script. Scott also describes the process of shooting the episode and how nervous he was about messing something up, though Scott nailed his part on the very first take.

An interesting conspiracy has also appeared online regarding Scott Ian's walker, who suddenly emerged under a pile of garbage to lunge at Rick Grimes' leg. The still-living characters were at that location just days prior, but no walker was to be found. Was the flesh eating member of the undead army placed there to sabotage Rick and Carl? The disappearance of a vital item planted nearby may point to foul play, so the duo from Anthrax discuss the legitimacy of the online conspiracy.

Watch Scott Ian and Charlie Benante nerd out on The Walking Dead with us in this clip above!

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