It's the Green Bay Packers all the way for the Rev Theory's David Agoglia and Julien Jorgensen -- and it's not just because they think "Clay Matthews is a badass. Hottest team in the NFL." Besides digging the long-haired linebacker, the duo also said, "Cheese is good. They will score more points. Their offense is good. Their defense is good. Their special teams is good."

Agoglia and Jorgensen -- who say football is their favorite sport, and the CFL's Saskatchewan Roughriders are their favorite team of all time -- believe the Pack will win if they "establish the run game and establish the passing game. Establish the defense. No penalties. No turnovers." They predict the Packers will prevail via a single touchdown.

Other Rev Theory sports faves? Babe Ruth calling his own home run and eating ice cream in a helmet at the now-defunct Shea Stadium. They also chose Bronson Arroyo, C.C. Sabbathia, David Ross, Joba Chamberlain, Tyreque Evans and Ray Lewis as their all-sport all-star team.