Lita Ford, Puddle of Mudd, Rev Theory, and Candlebox are taking part in JVC Mobile's Turn Me On. 4 Decades campaign. JVC, which develops and manufactures mobile audio and video products, is celebrating four decades in business by creating a time machine-style music video journey through the past. Each of the above-referenced artists will be featured as emblematic of their respective decade.

Ford represents the excess and big hair of the '80s cassette-era, while Candlebox are icons of the grunge-dominated and CD-driven '90s. Puddle of Mudd are emblems of the changing of the guard as digital downloads began to take over the business in the 2000s, while Rev Theory represent the newest plugged in, instant gratification generation. The video is centered on a pool party at the Hollywood Tower Residences where Rev Theory are performing. The band is then joined by each artist from the other decades in an all-out rock-a-thon.

Watch the JVC video for 'Turn Me On. 4 Decades'

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