'Justice' is the new album by New York rockers Rev Theory. While 'Justice' isn't a concept album, guitarist Julien Jorgensen does admit the band was going for synergy in that the songs and album art matched a general theme.

"Really, with the art, we just wanted to capture the vibe of the record. We wanted that to translate and I enjoy coming up with those ideas."

When Rev Theory released 'Light It Up' in 2008, it marked a new era in the band. The album was their first release on a major label (Interscope) and also meant endless touring. It was the aftermath of 'Light It Up' that created the furious lyrical experience and slick guitars present on 'Justice.'

"We wanted to capture the essence of the band live," Jorgensen continues. "I think we flirted with that on some of our other records, but that was really what we set out to do. I think we got off the road after touring two years behind our last record ... I think there was a lot of stuff we were dealing with including the feeling that we just didn't quite get where we wanted to go. We felt kind of 'underachieved,' and I think we were a little pissed off about the state of the music industry."

That "pissed off" state of mind landed the band in Hollywood to start work on 'Justice.' Questioning reality in a town made famous by the magic (and falseness) of the silver screen made the guys in Rev Theory question life and reality even more.

"I think we felt like we should have been a little further [ahead] and we had something to prove," admits Jorgensen. "So, we went to Hollywood to write the record and that coupled [with] just living in Hollywood ... just seeing how ridiculous it is out there, the fake plastic ... I think we were affected by that. We're not a politically- or sociologically-driven band, but a lot of things were pissing us off, and I think that kind of made up the majority of the record."

The band worked with producer Terry Date to capture their desired, heavy sound with the raw energy of a live performance, finally giving them the album they've been working toward.

'Justice' is available now. Rev Theory will play Rock on the Range and Rocklahoma this May.