Here's a warning: don't stand next to someone at a wedding reception when they are trying to open a beer bottle without a bottle opener or you might be damaged by the fallout.

That's what happened to Rev Theory guitarist Julien Jorgensen, who suffered a slashed tendon in his left hand after attending a Las Vegas wedding. Talk about a freak accident with serious repercussions, as his band had to ditch a tour as a result.

Turns out, Jorgensen stood next to someone who was opening a bottle of beer, sans bottle opener, and was hit by the shrapnel, so to speak. The axe slinger's hand was sliced by the remnants of the broken bottle and he underwent surgery to repair it. However, while a full recovery is expected, he won't heal in time to make the band's tour with Five Finger Death Punch, All That Remains and Hatebreed, which is slated to kick off Sunday, Oct. 16 in San Francisco.

"I am super bummed that happened, and it is a freak accident. It is a helpless feeling. I feel bad about dropping off the tour and disappointing the fans. As soon as I am able, we will be back on the road," the guitarist said. A press release stated that the "bottle slipped, shattered on the edge, and sliced the guitarist's left hand on the follow through."

We hope the idiot that attempted to open the bottle feels terrible. Get better soon, Julien.

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