The Red Chord

Despite all the doom and gloom, foreclosures and subsequent crash that have plagued the housing market in the past two years, some Americans are taking advantage of the bottoming out of prices and buying low. The Red Chord vocalist Guy Kozowyk is now a homeowner, having purchased a prime piece of property in Southern New Hampshire this year. The singer said the home is a fixer-upper and is an old ceramic factory turned into a domecile.

"It's great," Kozowyk told Noisecreep about home ownership. "I will say that a couple years back, I was so jealous of all these people getting these $300,000 mortgages and everyone thought that property was going to keep going up and away, and it was stupid. There was no way people could afford anything higher, and no one could afford anything anyway.

"I don't know that this is the bottom of the market. There may be more foreclosures around the corner, but I bought at a good time. I look at this as one of those things you want to do in your lifetime, like own something, get married. It's on the short list of things you want to do, something of your own that isn't a CD or a car. It's really the biggest purchase you can make!"

While the singer was raised in Massachusetts, he is happy to head across state lines to New Hampshire.
The self-styled conservative said, "I am happy to get out of ultra-liberal [Massachusetts], which will go down the toilet. It is a sinking ship, subscribing to the same policies as Obama subscribes to. Growing up there, it was drilled into my brain that Democrats were for the people and Republicans were for the businesses. Democrats are good because they help, Republicans for the greedy businesses. I've realized it's not like that."

The Red Chord' new album, "Fed Through the Teeth Machine" is due out in October.

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