GwarHey Michael Vick, are you paying attention? The Supreme Court may have shot down a law banning the distribution of do fighting videos, as well as heinous 'crush' videos, which feature small animals being stomped to death, but that hasn't deterred peta2, Gwar and the Red Chord from working to cut underground dog fighting off at the pass with a colorful, fun and riotous PSA.

Dog fighting is illegal in all 50 states, and peta2 is reminding us of this fact by releasing a video starring Gwar and the Red Chord, called 'Fight Humans, Not Dogs.' Gwar's Oderus Urungus -- the Fox News correspondent and wearer of a mangina cod piece -- serves as host of a WWE-style, no-holds-barred battle that ensues when the Red Chord singer Guy Kozowyk locks horns with a Gwar slave. No blood is spilled in this video, but it reminds viewers that canine plasma is indeed shed in those horrific videos.

"When PETA first approached us about this project, our first reaction was hysterical laughter," Oderus told Noiscreep. "But after we drank a lot, we decided it was a good move, simply because it put us one step closer to Pamela Anderson." Given that Pam is a spokeswoman for the animal rights organization, we think that Gwar might be onto something there! Oderus continued, "So we are both delighted and appalled to release this exclusive video of Gwar engaged in one of our favorite pastimes -- fighting humans! We beg the human race to install animals as their masters, second in power to only the mighty Gwar! Death to dog-fighting, may those who engage in such a despicable practice have their genitals eaten by flies. Hail Gwar!""

In an official statement, Oderus also said, "We're doing it across the country, encouraging our fans and members of our crew to beat each other senseless. It's a good time for all, and it saves dogs a lot of pain." We agree that anyone who engages in dog fighting should have chunks of raw meat strapped to their genitalia and then have starving dogs released on them! That'll put an end to dog fighting on the quick.

Major ups to Oderus and Kozowyk for their efforts to shed light on the disgusting practice of dog fighting.

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