The Red Chord

The latest Red Chord record has been well-received for its dynamics and variety (Decibel) and blazing guitar attacks (Revolver), and the four members from Revere, Mass. are pleased with the outcome. "I feel pretty outstanding about the way that ['Fed Through the Teeth Machine'] came out," vocalist Guy Kozowyk told Brave Words. "And the fact that it's extremely different from anything else we've done and it's different from all the other stuff that's out there."

Recently slimming down to a four-piece band, Kozowyk said it was a decision reached by the whole group. "We're definitely tighter as friends and as a unit overall," he said, also commenting on the bad economy in that "there's more room in the van; there's a little bit more money to go around."

The album's title was derived from the Discovery Channel show 'How Its Made,' which featured a special on zippers. The Red Chord is still on the road, touring in a few major U.S. cities before figuring out their next step.

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