Blending several different types of rock and roll into one solid record that encompasses everything that rocks, SpiralArms' second studio album, 'Freedom' is one that needs to be heard as soon as humanly possible. Opening with the instantly familiar and very catchy tune, 'Dropping Like Flies,' SpiralArms' down-to-earth rock sounds great spinning around on the record player, and fortunately for fans, the band put some effort into the vinyl experience surrounding the release.

"With music like ours, it's always important to reconnect with the nostalgia of what exactly inspired us," guitarist Craig Locicero explains to Noisecreep. "Tim's [Narducci, vocals] idea was for 'Freedom' to look like an actual album cover with the outline of a record imprinted on both sides of the cover, just like you would see if it was sitting in a collection for years." The high-quality gatefold jacket definitely has that vintage, worn feel to it.

Locicero goes on, "The fact that that our record label felt so strongly that it was worth the cost and effort speaks volumes about the connection that the packaging and music made upon them. It was unspoken and understood that 'Freedom' was the right product for the extra care." It's obvious that SpiralArms are well aware that a vinyl release is more than just a record; it's an experience and connection that fans develop with the music.

The rock guitarist realizes that vinyl isn't a universal medium anymore, though. "It's not important enough," he says. "As a child, I can remember staring at album covers for hours. The smell alone would trigger feelings and add to the moments that I daydreamed while listening." Locicero is prepared to help bring vinyl back to the spotlight in the music scene. "Having younger people re-realize vinyl is very special," Locicero tells us. "Perhaps it will reignite that passion and magic that music used to have on us before everything became stagnant and digital, just to save a few bucks."

It would be hard for Locicero and his bandmates to put a significant focus on the vinyl release of 'Freedom' if it wasn't also personal. "It's become very important to me," says Locicero. "I had not owned a turntable for decades. The last real record I listened to was at Cornbread's [bass] house, and when I heard the warm sound of vinyl, I realized how much I missed it. Vinyl is going to stay important to SpiralArms and what we do."

From crunchy guitar riffs to beautiful piano arrangements, all topped off with soulful vocals, 'Freedom' is a real rock record from front to back. Vinyl fans get a bonus track called 'Low Country Girl,' a classic rock-tinged song that sounds like it was created in the '70s. For fans who want to listen to the album away from home, the jacket comes packed with the CD version of 'Freedom' as well.

Pressed on a cloudy clear slab of wax, SpiralArms' 'Freedom' is old-school rock and roll, so it only makes sense to listen to it without any interruption, other than flipping from side A to side B. 'Freedom' is more than just music, though. With the vinyl release, it's a complete experience, one fans get to share with the band itself.

Craig Locicero's Vinyl Breakdown
Current Favorite Vinyl: SpiralArms - 'Freedom'
All-Time Favorite Vinyl: The Beatles - 'The Beatles' and Iron Maiden - 'Killers'