From Kerry King's mouth to your ears; Slayer's 11th studio album will see an August 2015 release. No specific date has been announced, but the Slayer shredder promises fans will be sinking their teeth into fresh Slayer cuts in just a few months.

With the recording of Slayer's next album completed, Kerry King dropped by our studios to tell us all about the band's first full-length since the 2013 death of guitarist Jeff Hanneman. After clearing up false reports that Hanneman's physical playing would be featured on Slayer's 11th album, King gave us the full truth that fans richly deserve.

Kerry King describes that a few ideas found in Hanneman's audio archives have been utilized, despite King physically tracking the parts. Kerry also predicts a 12th album in Slayer's future, which will also house some of Hanneman's final compositions. However, King forced himself to not try and emulate Jeff Hanneman's signature style of playing for Slayer's 11th album, "The first thing any of our fans do not want me to do is try to be something I'm not."

New Slayer members Gary Holt and Paul Bostaph are also the subject of discussion. Bostaph crushed the drums on Slayer's 2001 album, God Hates Us All, but despite the drummer's accomplishments on that full-length, Kerry King says Slayer's new album is Bostaph's new peak. "People are going to be stoked when they hear what he did on this record," King proclaims. "I used to say God Hates was his Reign in Blood. The new one is his Reign in Blood."

Check out the full clip of Kerry King going in-depth on Slayer's 11th studio album above!

Kerry King: Jeff Hanneman's Playing is NOT on New Slayer Album

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