We've got the King of all Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction? episodes for you! We were lucky enough to get some time with Slayer shredder Kerry King for a Wiki segment so good, we had to split it into two parts.

Kerry King famously pulls no punches, so the original Slayer shredder's take on the band's entire career will never be padded with euphemisms. After clarifying some of the basics, King tells the real story on how he started Slayer with fellow guitarist Jeff Hanneman.

Moving onward, King sets the record straight on how Slayer was discovered by Metal Blade Records founder Brian Slagel. Wikipedia reads that Slagel's belief in the band was sparked by witnessing the band cover Iron Maiden's "Phantom of the Opera," but that info proved to be false.

Along with some funny and fictional Gene Hoglan stories, King delves into his short tenure as an early guitarist for Megadeth. Though Kerry praises Dave Mustaine's technical ability and songwriting prowess, the Slayer shredder makes it to secret that a personal clash with Mustaine made it impossible for the two to work together. This clash would later lead to longstanding tension between Slayer and Megadeth.

You won't want to miss Part 1 of Kerry King's Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction? segment. Part 2 is just as essential, so look out for that clip to drop very soon. Enjoy!

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