This week's episode of Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction? features one of thrash metal's all-time greatest guitarists, Gary Holt. The Exodus / Slayer shredder sat down with us to clear up some info on Wikipedia that covers well over three decades of Holt's thrash dynasty.

Gary Holt loves to debunk myths, so the guitarist threw himself head first into our signature game. After clearing up both the role he had in Exodus before joining the band and a contradiction of how he was welcomed into the group, Holt told us about his very first guitar teacher -- Kirk Hammett.

We venture on with Holt about controversy surrounding Exodus' original Bonded by Blood album art before addressing Steve 'Zetro' Souza's 2004 departure. With Souza now back in Exodus, Holt praises the singer and speaks of how reinvigorated and passionate Zetro truly is.

During our segment we also correct some facts involving former Exodus vocalist Rob Dukes, talk about Gary's use of Jeff Hanneman's touring rack when performing with Slayer, how Exodus recorded Blood In, Blood Out amid a hoard of demonic goats and much more.

Check out the Gary Holt edition of Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction? above! Also, be sure to check out more with Gary Holt and Slayer in the clips below! Exodus is currently on the road with Testament and Shattered Sun, so check out those tour dates here.

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