This week's episode of Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction? stars the entire lineup of classically-based metal band Apocalyptica. The quintet made for an incredibly funny segment, with just as many laughs as Wikipedia "facts" proven wrong.

Apocalyptica dropped by our studio to promote their eighth album, Shadowmaker, which is also the first full-length to include former Scars on Broadway vocalist / guitarist Franky Perez manning the mic. We spoke in-depth about the new record, music theory, Wagner and much more during our initial interviews, which you can find below.

The Apocalyptica edition of Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction? sets the record straight on various band members' musical studies, the actual meaning behind the single "Bittersweet," Franky's childhood playing the bar scene in Las Vegas and much more.

Even better than our clarifications is the humor Apocalyptica brought to the interview. We've never even come close to laughing as much as we did with Apocalyptica. For that, we've got to praise the individual who wrote up Franky Perez's Wikipedia page. Just hit the "play" button and you'll see exactly what we mean.

Check out one of our favorite Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction? segments to date in the player above! The Shadowmaker album arrives April 21 via the band’s new label, Better Noise. You can look for them opening dates for Sixx: A.M., then enjoying a headlining run that also features label mates Art of Dying. Shadowmaker is currently available for pre-order at Amazon and iTunes.

Apocalyptica Talk Music Theory, Wagner + the Ninth Symphony Curse

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