Adding to his already prolific profile, Hank Williams III, better known as Hank3, has released two albums simultaneously. While each features its own style of music, both have the signature Hank3 feel: raw and dirty rock and roll. If you're looking for the best way to hear the gritty new tunes from Hank3, look no further than the double LP vinyl editions of 'Brothers of the 4x4' and 'A Fiendish Threat.'

First up, 'Brothers of the 4x4' is the more country of the two albums. Laden with distorted vocals and fiddles, 'Brothers of the 4x4' provides nonstop rock with 16 tracks on two records. Hank3 provides his talents on drums, acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar and even the claw hammer banjo (we told you it's country).

Even before you drop the needle, though, there's no question this record has a western vibe. Housed in a heavy-duty gatefold jacket, 'Brothers of the 4x4' is adorned with cover art that screams country. Laid out by Jay Jackson of Nashville, the front of the jacket is a grungy photo of a dirty white fan that appears to be parked far, far away from civilization. Open up the jacket and you'll see a possum in a garbage can on the left and an engine on the right.

From the opening whistles of 'Nearly Gone' to the closing toe-tapping tune 'Toothpickin,' 'Brothers of the 4x4' is country western music on speed. Hank3 delivers constant fun and pure rock in only the way Hank3 can.

The second album released is 'A Fiendish Threat,' packed full of the punk vibes fans know and love from Hank3. Similar to 'Brothers of the 4x4,' Hank3 finds himself lending his talents to several instruments, including acoustic guitars, drums and keys. With 13 tracks of fuzzed out guitars and vocals, 'A Fiendish Threat' might just turn out to be Hank3's masterpiece.

Opening with 'Can I Rip U,' it's hard not to immediately start banging your head. The song -- and all consecutive tracks -- sounds like the punk music Neil Young used to create, only cranked up way beyond 11. As if you should expect anything different, 'A Fiendish Threat' is uncompromising in its musicianship and lyrics, and it has the cover art to match: a killer black and white cowboy skull that may or may not have a mohawk. It only makes sense to spin this on your turntable immediately following 'Brothers of the 4x4.'

It's refreshing to see a musician like Hank3 continue to press new music on vinyl. "Good things are hard to do," Hank3 tells Noisecreep. "People back in the day started buying records. A lot of people like to hold product and look at art. Why stop now?" Fortunately for rock and roll and vinyl fans across the globe, Hank3 shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Hank3's Vinyl Breakdown
Current Favorite Vinyl: All of the 'Killed By Death' compilations
All-Time Favorite Vinyl: "Can’t say an all time favorite … there’s just too much good music out there!"

Hank3 - 'Brothers of the 4x4'

Hank3 - 'A Fiendish Threat'