Sprialarms, the San Francisco Bay Area-based heavy rock band featuring Craig Locicero (Forbidden, Manmade God, Demonica) on guitar, Tim Narducci (ex-Systematic) on vocals, Chris "Cornbread" Lombardo on bass, Brad Barth on keyboards, Anthony Traslavina on rhythm guitar and Ron Redeen (Esseness Project) on drums, will release its sophomore album, Freedom, later this summer.

To help promote the record, Spiralarms just released a video for "Dropping Like Flies," a track from their forthcoming album.

"The clip rocks hard and shows our raw energy. It also showcases our ability to pull off some dramatic dynamics within a song. No confines or rules here, all beast and beauty! We're all very excited by the reaction "Freedom" is getting so far and can't wait for everyone else to hear it. I know I'm looking forward to properly supporting a SpiralArms record," says Locicero.

Check out the clip for "Dropping Like Flies" below the cut.

Watch "Dropping Like Flies" Video

Get more information on Sprialarms at their official Facebook page.

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