Megadeth"I have always said that I like everything from Marduk to Mozart, and this pretty much proves it," Megadeth drummer Shawn Drover tells Noisecreep in reference to his 'Your iPod Is Showing' submission. He's not kidding. Drover's iPod list starts with Vivaldi's 'The Four Seasons,' ends with Pat Travers' 'Gettin' Betta' and features a broad variety of classic rock, classic metal, neo-classical metal, jazz, thrash, prog and death metal in between.

"Growing up in Montreal back in the '70s, rock radio would play a Black Sabbath song, then a Supertramp tune and a Max Webster song to finish it off -- which, nowadays would never happen, as music has about four billion sub-genres just with heavy metal alone," Drover says, explaining where his eclectic taste in music began.

"Back then, nobody would even bat an eyelash after hearing a wide variety of rock music and I really miss that," Drover remembers. "I always make sure I have a great variety of different music on my iPod and iTunes, because music evokes such emotion for me. If I'm in a violent head space and I feel like ripping somebody's head off I will put on some Cryptic Slaughter or Marduk. If I really want to relax and chill for a bit, I will throw on Vivaldi or Mozart."

Setting his iPod in Random Shuffle mode -- as we require for 'Your iPod Is Showing' -- is a familiar practice for Drover, who enjoys not knowing what song he'll be listening to next. What's more, his diverse iPod list is just the tip of the iceberg of his listening habits.

"Although heavy metal is the music I play and love the most of all, I have always enjoyed listening to lots of other musical forms," he says. "A lot of avant-garde music really pumps me up. Frank Zappa, Naked City, Blotted Science and Dillinger Escape Plan are a just a few of my favorites. I really admire bands that create music with no boundaries."

Shawn Drover, your iPod is showing:

Vivaldi -- 'The Four Seasons'

Dio -- 'Egypt (The Chains Are On)'

Suffocation -- 'Abomination Reborn'

Accept -- 'Restless and Wild'

Tony MacAlpine -- 'Dreamstate'

Saga -- 'Social Orphan'

Cradle of Filth -- 'Beneath the Howling Stars'

Nevermore -- 'The Learning'

Jean Luc Ponty -- 'Don't Let the World Pass You By'

Pink Floyd -- 'Dogs'

Rush -- 'Test for Echo'

Metal Church -- 'Start the Fire'

Yngwie Malmsteen -- 'Magic Mirror'

Thin Lizzy -- 'Toughest Street in Town'

Mercyful Fate -- 'Room of Golden Air'

W.A.S.P. -- 'B.A.D.'

Aerosmith -- 'Toys in the Attic'

Max Webster -- 'Drive and Desire'

Forbidden -- 'Feel No Pain'

Pat Travers -- 'Gettin' Betta'

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