Silent Civilian

Ex-Spineshank vocalist Jonny Santos is leading the charge for the Los Angeles metalcore band Silent Civilian, whose second album, 'Ghost Stories,' is scheduled to drop May 18.

Aside from Santos, the album features an entirely new lineup than the musicians who played on the band's 2006 debut, 'Rebirth of the Temple.' Guitarist Dave Delacruz replaces Rudy 'Fyto' Perez in 2008, bassist Robbie Young took the slot of Stan Derby in 2008, and drummer Ryan Halpert nabbed seat of Chris 'Mad Man' Mora in 2007.

"We worked very hard on this record," Santos said. "We recorded 15 songs, 10 to 12 of which will make the record."

Content-wise, Santos said 'Ghost Stories' is much heavier and thrashier than 'Rebirth of the Temple.' It was also more of a collaborative effort -- unlike 'Rebirth,' on which Santos wrote 90 percent of the music.

"I believe we are making a record that will retain what is the main essence of Silent Civilian, but maturing greatly pushing forward," he said. "This record is much more violent than the last and will be less produced in the sense that I am really trying to capture the elements of a 'live' thrash metal band on tape. There is not much room to breathe with this one, and I want to sonically beat the s--- out of the listener without losing their interest.

"Dynamically, it will be a roller coaster of beatings and abuse. Don't get me wrong, we will still have very melodic moments as well, because melody has always been a strong part of metal. I am going with a lot of very traditional thrash metal riffs, because I don't really listen to very many newer bands out of fear that I will be influenced into sounding like the band of the week. I would rather be influenced by the bands that pioneered this genre of music, like Testament, Exodus, Kreator, Death Angel and Forbidden. I promise that this new Silent Civilian album is going to rip your fucking face."

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