Veteran artist Kent Mathieu hadn't done an album cover in 30 years when California thrashers Forbidden came along and asked him to do the artwork for their latest CD, 'Omega Wave.' "It's an amazing coincidence that I happened to find [guitarist Craig Locicero] right at the time they needed art done," Mathieu told Noisecreep. "It has given me the inspiration to get back into album cover illustration."

Mathieu left off with an amazing trail of album art for releases such as Exodus' 'Pleasures of the Flesh,' Possessed's 'The Eyes of Horror' EP and Autopsy's 'Torn From the Grave.' He's been busy with his staging company, UV Art, which designs and implements scenes using ultraviolet light.

"The cover is one of 11 concept drawings submitted to the band," Mathieu explained. "As usual, ya never know which one they will like. I'm looking froward to doing more work for Forbidden and other bands."

Forbidden will be touring the U.S. starting in early November to support 'Omega Wave.'