Bay Area thrashers Forbidden, who've been ripping, snorting and thrashing like madmen since 1988, have found a new label home, signing with Nuclear Blast America. With the current thrash renaissance -- old bands releasing career albums and new bands beaming with pride over those bands as influences -- now is the perfect time for Forbidden to reassert a position of thrash dominance.

Guitarist Craig Locicero told Noisecreep, "I would ask why any band that has reformed would attempt to come back from the dead. I realize that sounds cryptic, and I don't mean it that way. Everyone in the band has different reasons for returning, and I can't speak for the other guys, so I will give my best shot to answer the excellent question."

And that answer is that Locicero has no idea! Forbidden are riding the wave and seeing where it takes them. "It wasn't over three years ago that I'd thought I'd never be in a metal band again," the guitarist said. "When I saw the movie 'Get Thrashed,' it sparked something in me. I had a bit of an awakening and was reminded what it was like to be at the forefront of something exciting. It was incredible to be a part of those shows."

He's talking about clubs like Ruthies Inn, The Stone and The Omni. "I was just an angry teenager who loved aggressive music," Locicero reminisced. "By starting a thrash band and creating our own voice, we separated ourselves from the pack stylistically. We were more melodic and just as aggressive as any of our peers, and we didn't really fit in all that much. Somehow, a lot of people seemed to relate us."

Locicero feels the band's initial vision ran off its intended course, because "we got too brainy for our own good right before music got primal. You know, the dark days of metal. As a consequence, we lost fans we gained by not staying true to what Forbidden was: a thrash band."

But there is no more jaundiced, skewed view of what Forbidden need to be in 2010 and they've got a mission to finish. "We see that clearly now," Locicero said. "The things that motivated us then are tenfold now. Global problems and corruption have only gotten worse. The faces have changed but the suits are the same. Our songs had an edge that fans still relate to today. We're bringing that fire back and where Forbidden stands now is on solid vision and we're ready to rip heads off! We're bringing our brand of thrash back with the wisdom to pull it off this time. To say we have unfinished business is an understatement."

Two new Forbidden demo tracks, 'Adapt or Die' and 'Hopenosis,' are available for streaming on their MySpace page.