After seven years, Black Plague Records will return with the release of a new Sewer Goddess album. The return of the Maryland-based outfit was announced with a quote from the label's owner stating that there was no better way "to have it resurrected than with some ultra grim and hopeless death industrial/power electronics from this Boston-based cult project." It links through to a freshly-minted MySpace page, which features two new songs from Sewer Goddess.

Where many bands try to be clever when filling in the 'About Me' field on their MySpace pages, Sewer Goddess writes "Cold blood in a warm hole," and it leaves a disturbed sentiment behind. The death metal band focuses heavily on the death bit and has a number of releases on small, underground labels such as Razors and Medicine and Negation Is Freedom.

The Black Plague release will be titled 'With Dirt You Are One,' and one can only hope that the band has enhanced their sound of light and life crumbling down into darkness. At times sounding like synth-drenched sludge metal -- a nastier version of Sunn O))) -- Sewer Goddess have honed the ability to create a sound that goes beyond the dark side of humanity, leaving you waiting for an explosion of sound that may never come.

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