Blackened Music WeekendNew York City's Blackened Music Series has announced a three-day mini-festival featuring Krallice, Liturgy, Skeletonwitch, Black Anvil, Rwake, Malkuth, Orphan and capped off by the premiere performance of doom supergroup Shrinebuilder. Set for November 13-15, the Blackened Weekend follows in the footsteps of the series' Repulsion/Brutal Truth and Sunn O)))/Southern Lord Showcase shows earlier this fall.

Boasting some of the underground metal scene's most notable newcomers, the series sets out to highlight "the most vibrant music scene in New York today," where "a handful of serious local bands are recreating black metal in New York's image." The mastermind behind the series, Adam Shore explains to Noisecreep, "It's really great to work with these artists, because I have an incredible amount of respect for them; I just think they're doing really important work, and I really want to be involved with [that]."

Blackened Weekend lineup
Nov. 13 -- Krallice, Liturgy, Malkuth, Orphan -- Union Pool (curated by Speck)
Nov. 14 -- Skeletonwitch, Black Anvil -- Union Pool
Nov. 15 -- Shrinebuilder, Rwake, Liturgy -- Le Poisson Rouge

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