Sunn OStephen O'Malley is always an interesting interview, sure there will be a gear and technical talk about the set up and sounds of any of his myriad amplified bands like Sunn O))), KTL or Lotus Eaters, but the man is always up to talk about the philosophy of music. Case in point when he asserts with full confidence that pop girl Lady Gaga is "the most nihilistic music out there."

"What's more nihilistic: Morbid Angel or Lady Gaga?" O'Malley asks in a recent interview, knowing full well the answer clearly rests on top of the charts. Though the imagery is so classically evil, Morbid Angel emits elements of strength and hope -- especially in guitarist Trey Azagthoth's documented fondness for motivational speakers.

"I think Lady Gaga's f---ing ... nihilism. It's an extremely cynical view. It's strategic and harsh. Lyrically, the message is just ... death," he continues, throwing the doom blues trio Harvey Milk in the ring against Gaga.

"Well, look at Harvey Milk: it's three guys who've been working for almost 20 years to do what they want to do, and they never gave up. I mean, it's been the same years ago, though, I guess Joe Preston was in there for a minute. Look at Creston -- that is his life, he's a lifer. It's about life. It's not about a huge, corporate, multi-national company creating an icon for people to worship, whose entire message is about consumption and absence of truth."

So in short, YouTube videos of children singing Lady Gaga songs are the anti-Christ.

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