Royal Family Clothing

Running a record label in 2010 isn't a picnic. It's a challenge, since no one buys music in the quantities that they used to nowadays. Despite this cold, hard fact, indie labels are able to thrive, because they have a much more unique perspective than a suit running a conglomerate. Royal Family Clothing's Cliff has launched x1981x, a strictly straight-edge label. He's not looking to "move units" or "shift copies" or to get records in the marketplace in order to have billable product for his accountant. It's more of a fun endeavor than it is a business model.

"We have done releases for To This Day, Suffocate Faster, Represent, In It to Win It, Braveheart and Never Again," Cliff told Noisecreep. "We haven't really planned any records for 2010. We mainly focus on the clothing line aspect of things, with records happening when we find good bands to work with. We do records because we want to do them. We don't have to release records just to have product out there or something like that. The challenges of running a record label are vast, but we choose to make the label a hobby instead of a primary business and that works really well for us."

As if x1981x and Royal Family weren't already enough to fill a plate, Cliff is getting ready ready to launch a new music management company, dubbed Big Hit Management. "We are working very closely with John Wylie from Eulogy Recordings to help create a healthy environment for bands to grow in and have a place where we can teach younger managers the ropes of band management. We currently work with Lions Lions, the Mongoloids and Rose Funeral," he said.

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