Rose Funeral's recently released 'Gates of Punishment' album finds the Cincinnati, Ohio deathcore band focusing more on the "death" and less on the "core" side of their sound. In particular Kevin Snook and Ryan Gardner's guitar work has become more technically precise, shooting off leads and riffs like laser beams through the arrangements.

Our friends at Metal Blade have given us the honor to bring you the exclusive premiere of Rose Funeral's 'Beyond the Entombed.' Check out the blasphemous clip below.

Watch Rose Funeral's 'Beyond the Entombed' Video

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Rose Funeral vocalist/guitarist Ryan Gardner comments; "We chose 'Beyond the Entombed' for the video because that song has a lot of emotion. From the symphonic sounds and the fast-paced drive, I believe the song stands out among most on 'Gates of Punishment.'

"The concept behind the video is all about forced religion and the corruption it brings. It's dark, decrepit, and shows a lot of sinister images throughout. It has some pretty blasphemous scenes and that's what we like!"

Metal Blade
Metal Blade

Battlecross w/ Rose Funeral & Diamond Plate tour dates:

Nov 20 Fort Worth, TX Tom Cats

Nov 22 St Louis, MO Fubar

Nov 23 Topeka, KS The Booby Trap

Nov 24 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue & 7th Entry

Nov 25 Des Moines, IA House of Bricks

Nov 26 Portage, IN Camelot Hall

Nov 27 La Crosse, WI The Warehouse

Nov 28 Joliet, IL Mojoes

Nov 29 Mt Clemens, MI The Emerald Theater

Dec 01 Wheeling, WV Yesterdays Pub

Dec 02 Greensburg, PA 42nd street Rock Club

Dec 03 Buffalo, NY Broadway Joes

Dec 04 Albany, NY Bogeys

End tour

Dec 30 Westland, MI Token Lounge

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