Man, its looking like an Urfaust day. New York City is blanketed in a thick fog, and a hard rain's been pummeling the pavement all night long, with no signs it's going to let up anytime soon. Considering we're going to be in the office all day, that's cool, so long as Mother Nature clears the skies by this weekend. Anyways, you're not here for Tri-State weather updates. You want the metal, and the metal, we deliver. Today's White Noise is chock full of album updates, one blind item, and Scott Weiland stands up for his baby mama. Here we go, kids. White Noise, engage.

+ According to Blabbermouth, Slayer's forthcoming album will be called 'World Painted Blood,' and should be in stores later this summer. The disc follows 2006's 'Christ Illusion,' and is being produced by Greg Fidelman. As far as song titles go, the set will include the album's title track as well as "Psychopathy Red." Good get, guys.

+ By now, you may have heard that Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland's estranged wife, model Mary Forsberg, is penning a memoir called 'Fall To Pieces.' The book, which will recount the couple's violent domestic incidents and detail Weiland's drug abuse, will hit stores October 27. Well, fans have been lashing out at Forsberg, and now, Weiland has come to her defense. "Mary is writing a book which I have not read," Weiland says in a statement. "But what I want everyone to know that it has nothing to do with infidelity. Neither the divorce nor the book. Please don't place the red letter upon my children's mother. My love for her will never end. We just forgot how to be friends. She has now chosen a public career and one that brings both accolades and public scrutiny. There will be more of this sort of thing to deal as time goes by...both good and bad." So back off, anonymous online smack talkers!

+ Despised Icon have set 'Day Of Mourning' as the title of their upcoming album, which drops September 22. Mark it down on your calendar, dudes. Meanwhile, Canadian metallers 3 Inches of Blood have christened their forthcoming LP 'Here Waits Thy Doom.' That disc will be in stores September 8.

+ Cryptopsy, Rose Funeral, Knights of the Abyss, and Salt the Wound will be teaming up this September for a spate of gigs. That pithy run launches September 12 in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and runs through September 19 in New York City.

+ Want your baby to grow up to be the frontman of a Watain cover band? Then check out some of these awesome baby toys. The crib is the only thing that looks like it wouldn't dismember your kid.

+ Want to hear some new Red Chord? Well, Metalsucks has a video of the band playing a new tune, called "Floating Through the Vein," live at this year's Maryland Deathfest. It isn't the best quality, but it beats waiting until later this year, when the album is expected in stores.

+ Yesterday, Zakk Wylde told us that Five Finger Death Punch and, Type O Negative side project Seventh Void would be on the bill along with Black Label Society and Static-X on this summer's Mudvayne trek. He also said there would be one more band on the lineup, and we know who it is. Alas, publicists are telling us we can't break that news just yet. But, we can tell you the band was in our offices recently, and they were thrilled about the opening slot, calling the tour one of the biggest they've ever been on. Care to wager a guess?

+ A few weeks back, when Killswitch Engage (it's not them) swung by our offices, we asked Howard Jones about his potential involvement in Blood Has Been Shed's next album. As you well know, Jones fronted the band before being tapped as KsE's new singer. Well, he told us that "there's some rumblings" about that, and said that he and drummer Justin Foley had "to finish what we're doing here [with Killswitch] first, and then, we'll see what happens. Its not like Corey hasn't written much. That man writes so much." At that time, he told me the band had about 60 tracks to pick from for the next album.

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