Anticipation continues to mount as Dream Theater draw closer to the Jan. 29 release of their most ambitious project yet: the double-record concept album, The Astonishing. Having already released the feel-good single, "The Gift of Music," the progressive group have served up "Moment of Betrayal," showcasing one of the darker moments of the album.

Opening with an ominous piano melody, "Moment of Betrayal" incorporates orchestral elements to evoke morosity in the listener. Led by haunting synth work and a daunting, chugging rhythm, the lyrics immediately paint a picture of despair. Running through a series of tempo changes, the song brings a nervous energy, revealing the urgency at hand as Gabriel speaks with his brother Arhys about a plan that could save them both.

The Astonishing tells the story of a world set 300 years in the dystopian future where music is made by machine. Arhys is born to create music and his natural inclination sees him traverse a multitude of difficulties as he strives to break the mold in a mechanical world.

The stream comes via Billboard, who guitarist John Petrucci spoke with concerning the album's story arc. “I was thinking of all of the things now that people used to do that they don’t do anymore because they’re automated or done by robots: lots of jobs, self-driving cars coming right around the corner,” he began. “My thought was, ‘What would happen if with all the advances in technology in music that music [became] all artificial?’"

A website has been dedicated to the album's launch, slowly unveiling more pieces of the story like characters and a map of the fictional world The Astonishing takes place in. A theatrical trailer was also released and can be watched below.

Dream Theater will be taking The Astonishing on the road, performing the album in its entirety. For a list of all North American dates on the upcoming trek, visit our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

Dream Theater, The Astonishing Trailer

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