In 2002 bassist Jason LaFarge had not yet joined a band named Hallux. Instead, the musician started making his mark as a producer with Seizures Palace Recording. He shared the studio space with Martin Bisi and B.C. Studio at the Old American Can Factory -- which is located in the once industrial Brooklyn neighborhood Gowanus.

"I've recorded over 70 albums including Khanate, Angels of Light, Akron Family, OvO, Child Abuse and many others," LaFarge told Noisecreep. His most recent project has been to record the legendary Swans' last record. At least, according to frontman Michael Gira, the album will be a way for the musician to move on from the project. "THIS IS NOT A REUNION," he declared on his website a couple months ago.

"We did basic tracking in January and early February," LaFarge said. There is just one more session of recording before LaFarge sends it off to Bryce Goggin for mixing -- who has worked with Pavement, Sean Lennon, the Ramones and other Swans lineups.

"The Swans lineup for this record is Michael Gira, Norm Westberg, Kristof Hahn, Phil Puleo, Thor Harris and Christopher Pravdica. Bill Rieflin will make an appearance as well," he said.

"All I can say is that Swans fans will be pleased. It will be a very heavy record."

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