Explaining how the mathy-hardcore Narrows formed is much like explaining the relationship plot lines in 'Twin Peaks,' it's a lot of "everybody knows everybody but not everyone knew it" kind of thing. Rob Moran used to be in Unbroken but at the time he was in Some Girls and while living in Seattle for awhile he really wanted to hear Dave Verellen's growl he did in Botch again, so he told him and the two of them decided to start Narrows. Sam Stothers, a friend of Rob's had also just moved to Seattle at that time so he joined up too.

Numerous guitarists were tried out but none worked out. While on a Some Girls tour in Europe, Rob became friends with Jodie Cox of Bullet Union and after some time had passed Jodi ended up in the states to meet up with the band These Arms Are Snakes, who he was the booking agent for. Rob asked asked Jodi to join the project and if he'd asked Ryan Frederiksen of These Arms Are Snakes to join as well having no idea Ryan knew everybody.

"It just kind of took off from there so we all got together and practiced twice and recorded three songs and it kind of snowballed from there." Ryan told Noisecreep. Those first three songs became the since sold out self-titled EP from Narrows. Since then Narrows has released their first proper full length 'New Distances' back in May and the reviews scream it's an exploding ball of hardcore chaos to be reveled in.

Everyone from Narrows is spread out all over the west coast and Europe so the band doesn't have time to write and record like most bands do perfecting and rewriting constantly. Narrows is about the moment they capture together. "The idea was to keep it loose and not second guess anything, or give us anytime to second guess anything," Ryan says, "just get the bare bones of it and come at it from a punk ideal of let's start here, let's finish there, and move on."

And that's what Narrows does, they move on with that punk attitude. They write when they are able to get everyone together, even if by accident. "We actually wrote and recorded three new songs at the beginning of this year when Jodi was in town and Rob and Sam just happened to be in town as well." Ryan laughed and said, "So we got three new songs coming along for whenever Deathwish decides to keep letting us do this."

Most reviews and internet chatter wraps the term 'hardcore supergroup' around Narrows. Ryan thinks this is quite funny saying, "we are a bunch of like-minded dudes who just happened to play music for so long and just kind of stuck with it. All of us are dumb enough to do it well enough into our thirties. We are some of the few who have stuck by playing this type of genre of punk this long. It is what it is."