Killer Lyrics: I will dry my salt-water eyes / Swimming deeper once again / Cutting my heart line / Cutting my heart line

Landmine Marathon, one of Phoenix, Ariz.'s finest underground death-thrash metal outfits, just released their second album for Prosthetic Records, 'Sovereign Descent'. 'Exist' is the only track from this release that the band revealed on their Myspace page, and the lyrics above are the last few lines of the song.

The song utilizes the age-old metaphor of nautical travel as a model of human life and relationships. "'Exist' is about a personal relationship I had where I felt helpless," vocalist Grace Perry -- who also moonlights as a librarian -- told Noisecreep. "No matter what I did and how hard I tried it only ended in a cluster f--k of bulls--t."

Perry mentioned that the lyrics are an anomaly as most of her wordsmithing deals with external subjects, like political or social issues. "It relates to the rest of the album because of the lack of control one can have on their own life when dictated by another person. All the other songs speak of the fall of theocracy, monarchs, and the beginning of a time where we dictate our own life. A sovereign descent, if you will."

Landmine Marathon is playing select shows in Texas and Arizona to support the release.

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