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On September 27th, Landmine Marathon will be unleashing 'Gallows,' their skull-stomping fourth album. Recorded by guitarist Ryan Butler at Arcane Digital Recording Studio, the eight track disc is easily the Arizona death dealer's finest work yet. Landmine Marathon vocalist Grace Perry has been out on the road gearing up for the release of the new record, but she still found time to treat Noisecreep with a list of the five albums that changed her life.

'Rust in Peace'
Megadeth (1990)
Before I really got into music I would just listen to whatever my mom had playing at the time -- Paul Simon, The Beatles, etc. Then one day an older neighbor kid gave me this album on tape, I had never heard anything like it before. I hid the tape under my bed and would listen to it over and over, until one day my mom found it and freaked. She said I was too young to be listening to a band with such a scary name and then proceeded to throw it away. Ever since that day it's held a lot of nostalgia for me, not to mention it is an incredible album.

Signature Track: 'Holy Wars... The Punishment Due'

'Less Talk, More Rock'
Propaghandi (1996)
They were the first real punk band that I let influence me not only musically but also politically and 'Less Talk, More Rock' is my favorite album by them. I worshipped Fat Wreck Chords bands as a teenager, it was not until I was out of high school that metal became such a huge part of my life. For me this record has and will always be one of the best punk albums of all time.

Signature Track: 'Anchorless'

'Slaughter of the Soul'
At the Gates (1995)
The first time I listened to this album I wanted to cry because every single song on it is flawless, unrelenting and truly epic. I finally got to see them play in Pomona, Calif. a few years ago and was right up front screaming my head off. I almost passed out from sheer excitement.

Signature Track: 'Blinded by Fear'

'British Steel'
Judas Priest (1980)
When I was young my mom came out as a lesbian, I didn't know anyone with a gay parent and lived in a pretty conservative community so it was tough. The only openly gay musician I had even heard of was Elton John. Then in 1998 she told me that Rob Halford of Judas Priest had come out as gay. It made me feel good to know that in no matter what genre of music you are in sexuality should never be an issue.

Signature Track: 'Breaking the Law'

'Utopia Banished'
Napalm Death (1992)
This was the second and best album to feature Barney Greenway who is by far my favorite grindcore/death metal vocalist of all time. His stage presence is something unmatched along with his strong personal and political beliefs that make me love it even more. Landmine Marathon has always been influenced by a lot of early Earache Records bands but Napalm Death is the biggest for me.

Signature Track: 'I Abstain'

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