Landmine Marathon isn't the kind of band you'd typically find on a magazine cover. They play shows in basements, write grindcore songs and are only about five years old. Yet by the stroke of luck and personality, the band has been on the cover of Revolver and featured in The New York Times twice -- among many other press opportunities.

The group played two New York area shows: one at Brooklyn's Union Pool with Salome and Wetnurse and one at Manhattan's the Cake Shop with Salome and Batillus. "We are Landmine Marathon, all the way from Phoenix," frontwoman Grace Perry said as she warmed up the Cake Shop crowd on July 15.

Justina Villanueva
Justina Villanueva

"I didn't drop any of my drinks. But you all spilled your drinks on me," Perry said. At that point in the night, those drinks might as well have been sweat. The basement venue, which rests in the hearty belly of the lower east side, is more of a sauna than a pleasant place to watch a band. But, that didn't cease the constant mosh pit -- which at many points Perry comfortably took over.

Towards the end of the show, when everyone was still amped, Perry thanked the people who have support Landmine for years: show promoters 1,000 Knives and BrooklynVegan. She also gave a shout out to guitarist Ryan Butler's "wife's brother Nathan." Bassist Matt Martinez made sure to correct Perry, "It's called brother-in-law."

Be sure to check out 'Sovereign Descent,' available through Prosthetic Records. Landmine's summer tour ends July 31, when the band returns to their home in Phoenix.

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