It's been five years since the last outing from the noisecore troupe Knut, which isn't that bad when talking time frame for a new record from the somehow overlooked Swiss band, especially as their focus has always been quality and not quantity.

'Wonder' is the 12th release from the band and is slated for a June 29 unveiling through Hydra Head. The album features hand-drawn artwork from label head and Isis frontman Aaron Turner. For the past three months, Turner has been showing his inspirations and sketch to color work on the twisting anatomy that seems so fitting for an album being describes as a commentary on the creative mind and human endurance under a crushing global market flag.

'Wonder' track list

1. 'Leet'

2. 'Damned Extroverts'

3. 'Suckers'

4. 'Calamity'

5. 'Ultralight Backpacking'

6. 'Segue 1'

7. 'Fast Forward Bastard'

8. 'Lemmings'

9. 'If We Can't Fly There, We'll Take the Boat'

10. 'Segue 2'

11. 'Wonder/Daily Grind'