For their next album, longtime sludge duo Jucifer have launched their own label, dubbed Nomadic Fortress. The band was most recently signed to Relapse, but for 'Throned in Blood,' they are making a go of it on their own. "We've talked about starting our own label ever since we formed our band," vocalist/guitarist Gazelle Amber Valentine told Noisecreep. "We always loved the idea, but it wouldn't necessarily have been viable when we were a newer band. As we're looking at hitting the 20-year mark pretty soon, we're finally ready. And with that whole 2012, 'end of the world' thing, it looks like we're just in time."

The advantages of running their own label far outweigh the disadvantages for Valentine and partner Edgar Livengood. " It's gonna mean some extra work for us, but we're stoked about it so that's not a big deal," Valentine mused. "We're starting with our own record, and when we've got that under our belts, we plan to put out stuff for some other bands that we like."

Valentine continued, "We're pretty anti-corporate personalities, so it'll be more about giving fans something really cool and real than trying to 'move units.' Music as industry makes our skin crawl. We like to experience music as art and community. In that vein, we've got some great support from Relapse and Alternative Tentacles, who'll both be carrying Nomadic Fortress in their mail order. It's grassroots, working with friends and crafting what we want to craft."

Fans can expect 'Throned in Blood' to be a sucker punch, as opposed to the slow brawl of recent albums. "After the epic length and sprawl of our last two albums, we felt like doing something quick and brutal," Valentine said. "'Throned' is pretty much Jucifer as we are live, except with the capacity to mix drums and vocals above guitar when desired. The wall of amps tamed by studio faders!"

While the album will feature Jucifer's trademark decibels, the concept is admittedly nihilistic. Valentine said, "It's about how we destroy ourselves in our efforts to conquer and rule. We end up with power that twists and handicaps us. We create our own doom. War, religion, betrayal, genocide and the ultimate futility of human existence. It's a pissed-off record. But we think, in a way, that feels good. Like breaking stuff for fun."

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