Up and comers Black Pyramid will make like Judas Priest and head out to the highway to tour with Let the Night Roar. Haven't heard of Black Pyramid yet? Don't worry, you will. And you can thank Noisecreep for tipping you off about this psych rock band first.

"Black Pyramid started when two of the only guys in this neck of the woods who seriously enjoy making this sort of heavy rock finally met up," guitarist/vocalist Andy Beresky told Noisecreep. "We were both into Sleep, Electric Wizard and High on Fire, so immediately, we focused on that sort of a down-tuned psychedelic sound. The immediate difference was that when we started writing the songs had big hooks to go along with the heaviness, in the same vein as a band like Torche."

The band quickly we found itself opening for bands like the Sword, Valient Thorr and Jucifer, with Beresky attributing the "the combination of big riffs and catchy choruses was winning us a fair number of fans."

Beresky lives and works in downtown Northampton, Mass., which means he ends up handing out directions and recommendations on visitor hot spots. Among the more off-the-map locales he recommends is the beer can museum at Ye Olde Watering Hole. "The walls are lined with over 4,000 different beer cans," Beresky said. "It's a trip, and their jukebox is the best in town. Packard's is another place that has a lot of history in it. The owner likes to collect and display the old signs of businesses that have closed down. And he's got a really bizarre sense of humor, so the dining room has all kinds of weirdness going on decoration-wise. Even the paintings are somewhat surreal.

"And while we're on the subject of paintings, Tully O'Reilly's, where I work, has some really old murals that they found inside the walls while they were doing renovations. They're really amazing, and show what the town used to look like around 100 years ago. They're not really up for display, but if you stop in and talk to Tully, the owner, he loves to take people to see them."

Black Pyramid tour dates

5/5 -- Wallingford, CT -- Red Scroll Records

5/6 -- Worcester, MA -- Ralph's Diner

5/8 -- Allston MA -- O'Brien's

5/9 -- Providence, RI -- The 201

5/10 -- Northampton, MA -- The Elevens

5/11 -- Keene, NH -- Armadillo's

5/12 -- Buffalo, NY -- Mohawk Place

5/13 -- Cleveland, OH -- Now That's Class

5/14 -- Grand Rapids, MI -- Mulligans

5/15 -- Chicago, IL -- The Rockbox

5/16 -- Indianapolis, IN -- The Melody Inn

5/17 -- Cincinnati, OH -- The Comet

5/18 -- Columbus, OH -- Cafe Bourbon Street

5/20 -- Wilmington, DE -- Mojo 13

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