It's no coincidence that Jucifer's new album 'Throned in Blood' is out on a label named Nomadic Fortress, the imprint created by married couple Gazelle Amber Valentine (guitars/vocals) and Edgar Livengood (drums). The pair lives and tours in their RV full-time, without a permanent residence or address. While an RV-as-domicile lifestyle is often reserved for the AARP set, Valetine and Livengood feel it frees their souls.

"Living a truly nomadic lifestyle is very free, in both the best and worst ways," Valentine told Noisecreep. "You trade safety and stability for experience. It's hedonistic, but in a weird way, because if you do it irresponsibly, you'll crash and burn. It's a life that's by nature irresponsible, but must be lived responsibly or fail. For us, the danger is worth making a life based on being together playing our music. Even in the worst situations, you know you're not wasting your time here with something that feels unimportant."

In honor of RV living, here are Valentine's top five tips for living in an RV as well as her favorite things about being a nomad!

Top five tips for living in an RV:

1. "Only do it with someone you love to be around."

2. "Always fill your water and propane, charge your batteries and, especially, dump your sewage when you get the chance."

3. "Stay away from the northeast in winter because step two is impossible."

4. "Join a real discount club, like Passport America or Escapees. Most of the others only give you 10 percent off."

5. "If you need a full-service stop with cable, Wi-Fi, laundry, the works, then KOA 'kampgrounds' are everywhere. But you'll pay a higher price for their guaranteed quality. And be warned, if they're in a tourist area, warm weather visits will be infested with unsupervised children. If you need a place to just sleep, Wal-Mart parking lots can be peaceful and sometimes even beautiful. Watch out for 'No Overnight Parking' signs though! Some communities are terrified of RVing vagrants who might, God forbid, spend money in their precious town. Unwritten rule of RVers: When we see stores with overnight parking restrictions, we don't shop there."

Top three things about the RV lifestyle and being a nomad

1. "When a place sucks, you leave!"

2. "You learn to appreciate life on a more immediate level. Status symbols become very unappealing."

3. "Nomads and RVers are usually a lot more open-minded than the average person. Crusty tattooed lefty headbangers can hobnob with wealthy Republican octogenarians and find some common ground. We are all ambassadors."

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