"They say the more you tour, the more money you make," Gwen Stacy bassist and vocalist Brent Schindler told Noisecreep.

If touring were the sole means of survival for a group of five guys, then Gwen Stacy have put all their proverbial eggs in this one basket. With the advent of summer and the prime touring and festival season, this Indianapolis, IN metalcore band turn their work schedule up to eleven.

Add to playing shows the recording of the as-yet untitled new album, the band's rigorous schedule has consumed their time so much that there's not even any room for a part-time job. "Honestly, we just don't have any time. We had two and a half weeks between our headliner and Europe [with Poison the Well and 36Crazyfists], and we had two and half weeks between Europe and this headliner [with Eyes Set to Kill]. And we go straight to studio for four weeks. After than we'll have around ten days off, then six weeks on Scream the Prayer. So it's like a week and a half to two weeks of random time off, and it's just not enough to hold down a job."

Bands on the road, especially larger bands that are backed with contracts, enjoy the advantage of getting reasonably well-fed and having a place to stay, thereby reducing costs greatly. But is that enough for the members of Gwen Stacy to pay their personal bills?

"We're working on it," Schindler says. "Hopefully it pans out, God willing."

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