Take an axe to the root / Cut out your eye / The towers crumble / The lowly sing

The theme behind Gwen Stacy's new album, 'A Dialogue,' coming out on Solid State Records, is slowly becoming obvious as they reveal more lyrics. They've already posted the words for 'The First Words,' and the line above is from 'Profit Motive.' The way the lyrics are presented on their MySpace page suggests that they're a conversation between two people.

The reference to cutting out the eye is out of place with the general flow of the rest of the song's lyrics and may not be meant to be take literally. It could be a reference to Jesus' words in the gospel of Matthew, where he advises that if your eye causes you to do harm, pluck it out (of course, there most scholars agree that this shouldn't be taken literally, as well). This reference would jibe with the band's religious views, and it doesn't hurt that scooping out your own ocular organ is wonderfully metal imagery.

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