So, this is going to sound weird. But yesterday, this scribe went to Stamford, Ct. with his fiancée, to sit in on a live taping of 'The Steve Wilkos Show.' Don't judge. We've been a fan of the bald talk show host since his Jerry Springer spin-off started three years ago, mainly because the dude throws chairs when he gets pissed. It's sort of metal. Anyway, it's basically the only trashy show we watch, but we love it -- and the live taping ruled. Steve yelled at an old dude who basically beds girls in their last year of high school. Creepy. We don't want to give anything away for hardcore fans, but it was rad to sit in the front row and watch it all unfold. But enough about infidelity and scum ... onto the metal. Today's column has it all ... like that girl you took home to mama that one time, but then screwed it up because you called her the wrong name in a fight.

+ Anyone happen to catch 'Wipeout' last week? With 'Iron Hayden,' the bearded dude?

+ As we first reported, before anyone else, in yesterday's White Noise, Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society has officially pulled out of the remainder of the Pedal to the Metal Tour. The cancellation is due due to the health of the band's frontman -- who has been diagnosed with blood clots in his lungs; Wylde has been admitted into a Eugene, Ore., hospital for treatment.

+ Hollywood denizens, consider yourselves lucky. Not only do you have sun 300 days a year, Alice In Chains have lined up a gig Sept. 30 at the Avalon ... the day after the release of the band's long-awaited comeback LP, 'Black Gives Way To Blue.' Tickets will go on sale Friday morning.

+ In a recent interview, the Haunted's Peter Dolving discussed his new band, O, which also features members of Kyuss and Burst. "O is a friendship project," he says. "I've worked on the music - like, the initial pieces of the music - that's been done for over a year. And I've been working on trying to set together a good construction of people who are really good friends and who are also very, very skilled musicians. It's very heavy music." He then described it as Neurosis meets Radiohead. And what of the Haunted? Well, they've started scratching down ideas, and plans to finish the writing before the recording. "It's gonna be a good record. Looking at the ideas that we're coming up with, looking at the stuff that we're doodling around with, it's gonna be a very heavy and it's gonna be a very strange record."

+ Thank our pals at Metalsucks for this lineup: Eluveitie, Belphegor, Alestorm, Kivimetsan Druidi and Vreid. That's right ... they'll all be teaming up for the Heathenfest Tour, which Metalsucks is sponsoring. The trek kicks off in Worcester, Mass., at the beer-soaked Palladium on Nov. 3, and it runs through Nov. 25 in Vancouver.

+ Speaking of Belphegor, the band posted a new track form their upcoming record, called 'Walpurgis Rites,' over on their MySpace page. The album, 'Walpurgis Rites -- Hexenwahn,' will be released Oct. 20.

+ The Amenta, Vader, Decrepit Birth, Warbringer, Augury and Success Will Writer Apocalypse Across the Sky are teaming up for Decibel Magazine's Monsters of Death Tour. Are these ominous tour names really necessary? Look for that trek to launch Nov. 4 in Baltimore, Md., and conclude Dec. 31 in Philadelphia.

+ If you're metal and you Twitter, then you need to know about Circle Twitt.

+ Metal covers rule. Most of the time. So why not check out Century Media's new iTunes release, 'Covers Of Darkness'? Hear Suicide Silence tackle the Deftones, Krisiun take on Sepultura, and Shadows Fall's cover of Pink Floyd's 'Welcome to the Machine.'

+ If you don't know who Godflesh is, you probably look like this. For the rest of you, a collection of three of the band's earliest outings will be released on Oct. 6. We miss you, Godflesh.

+ Gwen Stacy has signed with Solid State Records. Their new album, 'A Dialogue,' will be released through said label on Oct. 20. Congrats, guys.

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